Sherborne Aquaclean fabrics

The Aquaclean range of fabrics feature a revolutionary fabric treatment that helps to eliminate even the toughest houshold stains – just with water!

Available on all Sherborne models.

The treatment on Aquaclean fabrics covers every fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric that allows you to clean stains easily and quickly using water only (for really tough stains add a dab of soap). This includes even the worst of household stains, such as wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate and cream. You just won’t believe it when you first try it out!

The toughest household stains even pen stains are easily removed.

Apply water (& soap). Rub stain softly in circles with a sponge or tissue.

The water will dislodge the stain & be absorbed by the sponge or tissue.

The stain will have disappeared when the sponge or tissue is removed.

Selected fabric ranges are also

The ‘pet friendly’ range of Aquaclean fabrics have a coating that forms an elastic and flexible barrier to prevent pets’ claws from penetrating the loops in the fabric, protecting against scratching, fraying fibres and stains. Aquaclean fabrics are antistatic and tend to prevent hair and fur from sticking, which means they are easily removed with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. So your upholstery can remain free from hairs, stains, scratches and smells from your household pets.

There are Five Aquaclean fabrics ranges available on Sherborne models.

Nautilus – has a suede-effect finish available in 4 shades.
Neptune – has a crushed-velvet finish available in 8 modern shades.
Atlantis  has a flat-weave finish with a small mottled pattern available in 5 shades.
Minerva has a flat-weave finish with a mottled pattern available in 5 shades.
Poseidon has a soft plain chenille finish available in 5 shades. (not pet friendly)

Who’s sharing your sofa?

‘SAFE FRONT’ Hygiene Protector.
Aquaclean fabrics also include protection against mites, fungi and bacteria.
It is a totally ecological and harmless method of eliminating the presence of mites, fungi and bacteria in fabric. This development incorporates a shield which, in natural way, prevents domestic dust mites from reproducing. These mites cause a large number of allergies. In addition, it also protects fabrics against fungi and bacteria, thus obtaining a totally hygienic upholstery material.

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