Westbury Recliner Chair

The Westbury Manual recliner chair is a firm favourite with customers. The three pillow style back cushions offer sumptuous comfort with support. The practical and stylish wooden arm knuckles can be polished natural, teak or mahogany shades to blend with your room. The slim arms offer compact dimensions without cramping seating comfort.

Prices for a manual reclining chair start from £735 with delivery less than 6 weeks.

Three sizes are available to suit your requirements, Petite, Standard or Grande. Try them for size in our showroom. Matching non reclining 2 or 3 seater settees and chairs are available in a choice of fabric or quality leather.

Reclining Chair width Dimensions;
Petite width 29″ (72.5) Standard width 30.5″ (77.5) Grande width 33″ (84)

Westbury is available with manual, powered or rise and recline actions.


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