A guide to choosing your new chair.

At Chair Choice our aim is to offer everyone the benefit of our knowledge and experience with honest, genuine help and advice. All ranges are carefully selected from reliable suppliers (British manufacturers wherever possible) for their combination of quality and value for money. This ensures we can offer you our best possible level of service.

Our showroom features numerous models, different in design but more importantly different in size and proportion. When selecting your furniture remember to consider the size and proportion of the user as well as the room. Just like choosing clothes or shoes each person requires a size appropriate to them. Whilst the appearance of your new upholstery will be important to you its comfort and performance should also be considered. Soft and squashy might be appealing but long term may not offer the best support  and require more effort when standing.

Whilst measurements such as seat height are a useful guide when selecting your new chair, seat and back angles are more influential in the way a chair feels to both sit in and use.  If you are concerned by the size of your new furniture we would ask you to supply the necessary measurements, for example the size of your existing item or the space available. Trying to evaluate by eye can be deceptive as a model you judge to be too big may in fact be smaller than it appears.

A High Seat Chair is designed to be easier to stand up from so will also have a more upright sitting position, considered to be better for your posture. The manual recliners we offer feature high quality easy to use actions, however they will require a degree of strength in your legs and lower back to fully operate. For those who find the effort a little too demanding we recommend a powered action which will ensure you get the best from your new recliner. If the effort required to stand from a relaxed sitting position is too much for you and a higher more upright chair is too formal we recommend an electric rise and recline chair, for the ultimate in effortless reclining and standing.

Whilst we are happy to advise you, only the user will know if a chair is suitable for them. We strongly advise you to visit our showroom to try all the relevant models for yourself so you can make your own assessment and ensure you make the right choice. Customers who require their new chair to fulfill very specific personal requirements are advised to purchase the actual chair they have tried, this ensures “what you try is what you get” as all chairs will vary and a new chair could have different characteristics to the showroom model. We always have a good selection of chairs available from stock. Visit our showroom and try before you buy.

Measurements to consider when selecting your new chair.

Seat Heightchoose-your-seat
should be equal to or slightly less than the distance from the underside of thighs (at back of knee) to the floor wearing indoor footwear.

Seat Depth
should be slightly less than the distance from the back of buttocks to the back of knees.

Back Height
should be the distance from bottom of back to eye level.

How to care for your new chair.

How to choose your ideal chair.

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