Here we explain how a dual motor action chair operates.

Please note not all makes of chair operate in the same way so this information is only relevant to the Sherborne & Celebrity chairs.


A dual motor or two motor electric rise and recline chair will recline and help you stand up, all at the touch of a button. One motor operates the reclining and lifting actions and the second motor operates the backrest.

The five button handset allows you complete control of your comfort. One motor, controlled by two buttons will raise and lower the legrest plus raise and tilt the chair to assist standing. The second motor, controlled by two buttons allows independent operation of the backrest with a near horizontal degree of recline (reclines further than a single motor chair). The ‘intelligent’ fifth (large top) button returns the chair from any reclined or lifted angle to the standard sitting position.

This action requires approximately 20″(50cm) clearance behind the chair to fully operate. Dual motor actions need enough space for the backrest to recline behind the chair (high back models will require more space). The handset has five buttons to control all functions. Dual motor chairs allow you to adjust the backrest and footrest independently to reach the exact position you feel most comfortable in. This includes a near horizontal snoozing position. It also means you can adjust the back angle whilst in a sitting position without raising the legrest. We recommend a dual motor action for those wanting a more robust chair. A dual motor chair will cost more than a single motor chair, most chairs are available as either a dual or single motor action.

Points to consider when choosing a single or dual motor rise and recline chair.

What do you want from the chair?
How much flexibility do you need?
How much space do you have where the chair will be positioned?
What is your budget?

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