Sherborne Upholstery Exhibition 

Sherborne-exhibition-picturChair Choice are pleased to present a permanent ‘Sherborne Upholstery Exhibition’ in our Chard showroom.

Most model ranges are represented with over 12 manual reclining chairs on display for you to see and try making this the largest and most comprehensive display for miles!

There are 20 designs ranging from classic to contemporary, encompassing an extensive range of wing & fireside chairs, lounge chairs, manual recliners, powered recliners, electric rise and recline chairs plus 2 & 3 seater settees fixed or reclining.

Choose from a comprehensive range of over 150 fabrics or genuine leather.

New 2020 Models Now on display! New fabric ranges available now!

Sherborne Stock Clearance Sale Models currently available details here.

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Recliner Models on display 
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Accessories for your chair 
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Wing Chair models on display 
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Aquaclean fabric ranges are available on all Sherborne models.
Remove normal household stains easily and quickly with just water!
Includes ‘pet friendly’ ranges!

Details here

New 2020 Sherborne Models

Sherborne Roma Electric Rise & Recline Chair
Roma Rise & Recline Chair
Sherborne Roma Reclining Chair
Roma Manual Recliner
Keswick Classic Chair on legs
Keswick Chair on Legs
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