An electric rise and recline chair will allow you to take complete control of your comfort and mobility, all at the touch of a button.
Your ultimate easy chair!

This type of electric chair has various descriptions including, lift and tilt, lift and rise, lift and recline, riser recliner, rise and recline or even Tippy Uppy etc. Electric motors operate the movements of the chair effortlessly. A standard electric wall socket is required and most chairs have approximately 2mtr of cable.



The elevated legrest raises your lower legs and straightens your knees. This aids blood circulation and helps to reduce swelling.

Reclining the backrest and legrest gives a more even spread of body weight and head support. Helping to alleviate neck pain following that afternoon snooze.

The rising function greatly reduces the effort needed to sit down and stand up. The chair gently raises and tilts forward to a near standing position, easing the pressure placed on joints. The user can control the degree of lift required. A chair that makes it easier for the user to stand up from can help improve mobility.

Electric rise and recline chairs are usually smaller in size than most three piece suite type chairs. So it should not be a problem to position this type of chair in the space of your existing chair. Measure your current chair so you can compare.

It is important that the appropriate size chair is selected for the person using the chair. This will offer maximum comfort and ensure correct stability when using the chair. We recommend the person tries a range of chairs before making their purchase.

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